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Title Examination pharmacy drug counseling disabilities: Relationship storage
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The validity of the so-called drugs, is under the required storage conditions, drugs of acceptable quality to ensure its duration. Intuitive that the storage conditions in the regulations, pharmaceutical active ingredients experienced a 10% reduction of the time. Reduction of active ingredients mentioned here mainly refers to the degradation of drugs, degradation is a chemical process (including oxidation, decomposition, hydrolysis and other chemical reactions), we know that the vast majority of chemical reactions with temperature and reaction speed, moisture more many chemical reactions is a good medium, so if the drug storage conditions do not meet the requirements, such as temperature, high humidity, light and other factors, can accelerate the degradation rate of drugs, that is, to make effective drugs to shorten the period. Therefore, to ensure drug quality, stability and qualified in the period, whether manufacturers, wholesale companies, retail pharmacies, or patients with family preservation, or the flow of drugs during transport, must pay attention to the environmental conditions drugs. For example, medicines such as antibiotics is the main storage control humidity (relative humidity at 75% is appropriate), it must melt or strict closure seal, kept in dry and ventilated place, preferably refrigerated, such as the unconditional, maintain shade can be; biological products such as human serum albumin, insulin, vaccine, vaccines, toxoid and anti-toxins and other heat intolerance, sensitive to light, afraid of cold, the most suitable temperature for 2 ℃ ~ 10 ℃, and should be placed in the dark place. Important to note: Although these drugs span, hi cool, but also afraid of cold, 0 ℃ these frozen or reduced variability will make it ineffective. Drug storage conditions at room temperature means the temperature at 0 ~ 30 ℃; shade refers to the temperature 0 ~ 20 ℃; mean temperature of the cold stored at 2 ~ 10 ℃, relative humidity of the three are 45% to 75%.