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2,011 titles from the words start English Exam Review
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Questions in the title in the English test, vocabulary score of 15 points option question, it is the beginning of a book which is relatively simple kinds of questions, because the kinds of questions a total of 15 words a sentence option, each sentence has a word or bottom horizontal line painted phrases, requested from the back of each sentence given four options 1 and draw a line similar to some of the most significant word or phrase. In fact, the word option questions require candidates to identify five words (underline the word and four options) the meaning, and then choose one of two senses of the word closest to it. Although the title Dictionary of English examination to allow candidates to bring into the examination room, but within the stipulated time in order to complete all the questions, candidates have a good grasp of the vocabulary of memory is still very necessary, can not simply rely on a dictionary to resolve. Option to do so in the title words, do not blindly rely on dictionaries, as if each title must check several dictionaries, the answer would take up a lot of time, affecting the quality of answering other questions, which directly affect the examination results. Practice according to previous years, the annual title of the provinces and cities most of the previous year's English exam Registration starts in November, that is, from now onwards, English titles in 2011 but also on the agenda of the review. Therefore, the new title of the East English remedial classes online network team based on years of counseling experience, as we summarize the contents of a series of review guide, hoping to accompany the pro forma common through the years of tension, to help you successfully pass the exam. Review stage in the foundation, we have to focus on accumulation and memory in the regular English test title test materials on the vocabulary and essential vocabulary, which can greatly save the dictionary in the examination time and increase the efficiency of doing problems.