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2011 Eight titles in English Examination Entry Notes
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2011 Foreign Language Grade Examination national title in November is expected to be in full swing, with the application time draws near, candidates must have in their candidates, many questions still exist in pro forma terms, this new online network Oriental English team invited the class title of a new East Li technology teachers, to introduce the English title of the circumstances test, we are most concerned about for a detailed explanation of the hot issues, and in 2011 we review aspects of English titles are given a reasonable proposal. First, apply the national range of titles and objects in English Where the promotion, appointment of professional and technical positions, at the level of a professional and technical positions Trial Regulations of the need to have a certain level of foreign language professionals, and past participation in national unity intermediate professional and technical qualification examinations (accountants, economists, statisticians, auditors ), performance qualification, professional qualification has been made in the professional and technical personnel should participate in the titles of foreign language level test. But before reopening in 1977, the country's largest school, college graduates, are now engaged in library materials, Fair, archives, mass culture, arts and crafts, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine work as well as a large, secondary schools, technical schools, in public and political theory classes, teaching Middle famous professional and technical personnel, optional Archaeology Chinese (Collation) or foreign language. After reopening in 1977, a large school, secondary school graduates, must participate in foreign language title of distinction. Second, the title of English registration time General English exam registration title the previous year from November to January, the difference in time around the specific application, can be found on the website of the local test center personnel registration notice. Third, the examination time Examinations are usually held the last Sunday in March, the specific time depends on the specific test notification year. Fourth, eligibility criteria results All test scores qualified, then the issue transcripts, as reported, evaluation of professional and technical qualifications and professional titles appointment certificates, national standard for the 60 provinces and municipalities according to their differentiation. At the same time, apply different levels, eligibility criteria are different, the specific standards to see the local Bureau of Personnel Web site. Provinces according to local conditions, set their own eligibility criteria, standards are not fixed annually, depending on the eligibility criteria then inform the local, usually about 2-4 months after the test announcement, when can inquire or advice. V. result is valid On the validity of test scores, but also around their own requirements, not the same. However, usually common to reach the national standard, the result is valid to a review by the appropriate professional and technical positions eligibility requirements, and performance standards for the region in general there will be some additional instructions and limitations. Sixth, the National titles in English and the applicable personnel classification Examination by a series of titles, levels are divided into A, B, C three levels, according to the stipulated level professionals choose one language exam. One English and English in accordance with sub-divided into integrated professional, English Institute, English health three categories. Professional and technical staff tests the reading comprehension test the basis of professional literature, foreign language ability. Applicants may be based on assessment requirements and are engaged in their professional work, select a language and the type of exam. Examination issued by the municipal personnel department Zhigai Ban "printed by grade level foreign language examination certificate", effective at the national level. Comprehensive, science and engineering, health class exam in principle, no strict boundaries. Comprehensive article can test to go to science and engineering, science and engineering classes to test the health and integrated classes. There is no strict boundaries between the three types of test case. Evaluation of the national title at the time of each candidate, in the end performance requirements are science and engineering, health class performance, basically countries have not been defined. If you assess chief physician, health class title, you can test integrated classes, you can also consider health class. The strict sense is not very strict requirements. In the end the decision of the consolidated class science and engineering, or health class, there are two basis. First, ask yourself one unit, to assess what class title more appropriate to report. If the units do not have clear requirements and regulations, you can choose according to their own reality, if the articles are in contact with the work of science and engineering articles, it is reported that science and engineering. If contact with the article is a social class article, then the consolidated class. VII exemption conditions for the national title in English (A) the proven ability of high professional and technical personnel foreign language, foreign language titles from time to participate in examinations. 1, corresponding with the state that the experience of studying abroad; 2, when the title of senior vice declared foreign language test scores meet the requirements, reporting is required once again attended the same senior-level examinations; 3, published foreign language books, translated or otherwise demonstrate a higher level of foreign language, and confirmed by certain procedures. (B) one of the following conditions of professional and technical personnel, performance requirements can be relaxed or not to participate in foreign language titles of foreign language examinations. 1, after examination and verification, capability, outstanding performance, in the industry make an important contribution to the region; 2, the following basic units in the township (approved by provincial government personnel departments can be extended to the grassroots units below the county level) in professional and technical work; 3, the following units in the cities, long-term in the field engaged in agriculture, forestry, water, mining, mapping, exploration, rail construction, road construction and other professional and technical work; 4, older and long-term professional and technical work. (C) one of the following conditions of professional and technical personnel, foreign language titles from time to participate in examinations. 1, engaged with Chinese characteristics, clinical Traditional Chinese medicine, national medicine, arts and crafts, Ancient Books, history, archeology and other professional and technical work during the; 2, to obtain a college education and foreign languages in the profession, there are two foreign language titles reporting requirements; 3, to declare the primary titles in the series. Note: Adapted from the people the Department [2007] No.37 Eight national titles in the English exam related Dictionary Title Dictionary of English exam is to take the examination into the examination room, candidates can use the official publication of the national foreign language dictionary or the ordinary dictionary. But prohibit the use of titles for the National Foreign Language Level Test editing and publishing of foreign language dictionaries, foreign language vocabulary or foreign language teaching materials and manuals. New Oriental English tutoring online network class team titles in the choice of the majority of candidates recommended to use dictionary during the examination room the following principles: 1, the state electronic publications can not be brought into the examination room; 2, the words and titles written in English test for the title of the dictionary are not allowed in the examination room, such as the dictionary of "English title" the words and so on.