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Chinese medical massage first blind person to do nearly three thousand people ap
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China Disabled Persons Federation 13 in Beijing held a press conference that China will be October 16 to 17 in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities held the first national blind medical massage Personnel.

Blind Massage Center of China Qian Peng Jiang Jieshao guide said that this test was in September 2009 by the Ministry of Health, Human Resources and Social Security, State Administration of TCM, the China Disabled Persons Federation jointly formulated the "blind medical massage Regulations "were promulgated, the first ever national qualification examination for medical massage for the blind. Total of 2951 blind applicants, after rigorous examination, a 2790 blind test to obtain qualifications, which uses the existing Braille papers for 1373 people, Larry, 313 Braille, large print version using Hanwen 1104 people with low vision candidates.

Qian Peng, Jiang said, the blind Examination medical massage, medical massage is blind evaluation of applicants who have engaged in medical activities, medical massage knowledge and expertise necessary level of examination, are Class Medical exam. Outline the implementation of a unified national exam, unified proposition, unified organization of the examination system, in principle, an annual event. Comprehensive written examination and practical skills including the two units. All those who pass the examination results of two units, you can get a pass certificate, and access to the blind massage medical personnel qualified junior professional and technical positions.

He said to ensure the blind Scientific Examination of medical massage and professional, the country selected a 735 Proctors and more than 515 titles with the practice of physician skill examiners. In addition, to protect the blind Examination of medical massage the smooth implementation of features for the blind, test area is equipped with 87 Braille Q & A staff to ensure the use of Braille have each person responsible for answering the examination room. Meanwhile, the arrangement 230 to guide member, to help blind candidates out of the examination room; candidates for the low vision examination room is equipped with a magnifying glass, LED lights and visual aids and other equipment.