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5 notice that Dalian city taught division qualification to hold the job 2008
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1, full-time normal school teachs kind of graduation personnel to file notice of cognizance teacher qualification (see this page)

2, blame normal school is taught kind reach normal school to teach kind " 5 big " graduation personnel holds points for attention (see the 2nd page)

3, attend pedagogic qualification to hold personnel check-up points for attention (see the 3rd page)

4, attend pedagogic qualification to maintain personnel mandarin level to check notice signing up (see the 4th page)

5, attend pedagogic qualification to maintain psychology of pedagogic, education to groom exam notice (see the 5th page)

Accessory 1:

Full-time normal school teachs kind of graduation personnel to apply for to hold pedagogic qualification points for attention

One, time signing up

On June 28 (in the morning 8: 00, 11: 30; Afternoon 13: 00, 17: 00)

2, place signing up

Registered permanent residence maintains qualification of teacher of nursery school, elementary school, elementary middle school, high middle school, secondary vocational school in the application of the 4 areas inside Dalian city town, to bureau of Dalian city education (sanded bayou area combines a road 119, zhongshan park on the west side) sign up; Registered permanent residence is in other area city of the county, to place educational bureau signs up.

3, the data that preparation requires after signing up (when relevant form signs up, get)

1, oneself fill in " pedagogic qualification holds application form " in duplicate (declare course to should learn major with place identical or close) ;

2, Id original and photocopy;

3, thin original of registered permanent residence and photocopy;

4, record of formal schooling (the eligible record of formal schooling that teachs imitate the regulation) certificate original and photocopy. If diploma is not clear whether normal school teachs major, still need to offer the graduation that can prove to learn major to be taught for normal school to achievement is expressed or send the proof such as card at the same time;

5, " check-up of the member that Liaoning saves pedagogic qualification applicant is expressed " (staff of the 4 regions inside city reachs Dalian city check-up center check-up, the check-up center that other area fixes to place or hospital check-up) ;

6, original of mandarin grade certificate and photocopy (standard of above of 2 class second grade) ;

7, " appraisal of applicant thought moral character is expressed " , among them " evaluate an opinion " one column, on-the-job staff writes by place unit, be not on-the-job personnel to be in street agency or government of people of villages and towns to fill in by registered permanent residence, the this year's graduates fills in by graduate school;
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