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Evaluation of ability of qualification of teacher of area of 8 years of Zhi Fu o
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Reporter of report from our correspondent teachs body bureau know from Zhi Fu area, zhi Fu area faced a society to maintain the middle at the beginning of pedagogic qualification 2008 (contain elementary school, nursery school) protocol of time of teaching ability evaluation is on August 16, had obtained " two classes " " certificate of approval " personnel does not miss time.

As we have learned, educational education ability is evaluated by city, county (city, area) organization of pedagogic qualification cognizance orgnaization. Interview should undertake above all when evaluation, thought of the colloquial expression of the member that basically check an applicant, writing on blackboard, education; In addition even check schoolteaching ability, check content by application personnel draw. (YMG reporter: Li Feng's reporter: Liu Yi)

Do not explain especially: Adjust of the circumstance ceaselessly as a result of each respect with change, all exam information that sina net place provides offers reference only, please the official news that examinee announces with authoritative branch is accurate.

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