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Professional qualification attestation does not groom related organize exam
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General office of Fujian Province government 14 days of transmit " the State Council about clearing qualification of normative and of all kinds profession is relevant mobile announcement " , complete province will come since this day on April 30, those who begin professional qualification is comprehensive clear normative job, include professional qualification setting to clear, exam appraisal clears, certificate extends to clear and groom collect fees clear etc. I save the professional qualification attestation that installs fork of counterpoise reestablish diplomatic relations to undertake add up stage by stage. The administration that always installs according to concerned law, administrative regulations or decision of the State Council permits kind of profession qualification, give reservation is announced to the society; Except this beyond other all sorts of administration permit kind of profession qualification to give cancel. Province government is clear, the unit that runs professional qualification exam and orgnaization are uniform must not organize the grooming related to the exam.

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