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Exam too random certificate too excessive Hubei check grooms the market
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The reporter saves labor and know of social security hall from Hubei, this day rises, hall of hall of province human affairs, province labor safeguard will be saved together public security, censorial, education, civil administration, finance, prices, industrial and commercial wait for a branch, together market of check vocational training, appraisal, put an end to " exam too random, certificate too excessive " phenomenon.

I omit a provision, every is general certificate of qualification of profession of type of work, must ensure a branch to unite nuclear hair by labor, the professional qualification certificate of peculiar type of work also should bring into the industry labor safeguard branch consolidates management, build provincial labor to ensure sectional seal rear but socially current.

It is reported, I save certificate of qualification of profession of will unitary use state, above overprint " Hubei province labor and appraisal of technical ability of social security office are special chapter " , add imprint " inquiry website and advisory phone " , the data information of certificate is unified hang receive library of information of certificate of the center that omit object lesson. After every executed certificate to get online 2000, the certificate that does not examine in provincial website all is invalid certificate.

Carry formerly " Chu Tianjin signs up for " turn from xinhua net Hubei channel (B-01)

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