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Hunan Province rises 8 years to add invite public bidding newly 15 kinds of huma
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Our newspaper on March 19 dispatch (reporter Su Li) the exam of complete province human affairs that the reporter holds from yesterday learns on working conference, I save the human affairs exam that will gain 15 sort newly this year.

The human affairs exam that gains 15 sort newly includes: Register mechanical engineer, register mining / mine Wu engineer, register engineer of oil natural gas, register metallurgy engineer, register civil engineer, property to manage security of earthquake of division, one class to evaluate a project

The person that division, one class registers metric division, work, motor vehicle detects major of maintenance, communication, register check boat division, register major of division of mapping division, invite public bidding, advertisement.

In the meantime, the reporter still learns, I save process of officeholder exam written examination to will execute whole journey to close this year, must not shift to an earlier date hand in an examination paper, exeunt. In addition, my province still will be this year on original basis, the conformity that reinforces message of pair of the examinee that violate discipline builds a warehouse, offer a bulletin in complete province regularly. Will combine population information management department when necessary, write down an individual sincere letter archives.

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