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From groom the genre of division talks about the importance of division of the e
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Grooming is the administrative function of the enterprise, it is the motive power that the company expands. Songxiaxingzhi aids say: The talented person gives first before giving a product, education is the killer mace that the company below modern economy grows. The entrepreneur of a talent, an education of machine of otherwise miss the opportunity and drillmaster labour platoon are in important workaday Cheng, education trains good employee, the success of adumbrative enterprise, only goofy with the person that wants to turn the company to cliff, ability will be right groom pay no attention to.

If what Japan manages is magical, showed the value that the enterprise grooms. But why a lot of enterprises are willing to groom employee? It is consciousness is less than groomed importance, still have other factor? With respect to this problem, I had asked the boss of a few enterprises, their answer is to groom cost was not spent less, but the effect not clear. Does the enterprise need what to kind ofly groom after all? Groom at present on the market groom can be division satisfied? Perhaps from groom in the genre analysis of division, you can find wanted solution.

It is academic group:

Academic group is the so called doctor, professor or dean, expert that enjoys governmental allowance waits a few colleges mostly. Jape having gentleman: Now is instructor full market goes, the professor is like a dog more. The schoolteaching much that the institute sends is given priority to with theory, lack actual combat experience, lecture key is not outstanding, differ with the demand of the enterprise very far, the subject that becomes or teaching materials go up from the book mostly estreat is medley together. Tell class hour to sitting commonly, without what limbs language, tone also does not talk to go up emphatic. Sitting lecture is unhealthy tendency, looking at data lecture is fake.

The most fulsome is the dean that has famous college business school, pack oneself into administrative Great Master, the is put in oneself with the shadow PPT that learns Great Master Deluke with world government or class in, the skin that pull a tiger makes old standard, swindle and bluff, have no sense of shame.

There also is the expert that your person reveres in academic group, spend a professor like the Chen Chun that tells business management, sale management Han Professor Qing Xiang waits, but amount to is not much.

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