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Tianjin skill of 5 big professions grooms increase worker quality
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The reporter grooms from the obtain employment that held recently the job learns on the meeting, tianjin city begins to carry out the technical ability of 5 big professions that improves laborer quality to groom project.

According to introducing, skill of this 5 big professions grooms the project basically includes: Carry out new technician to develop a project, build perfect encourage new technician to groom system system, adjust high skill to the talent is evaluated and maintain measure, unit of contented choose and employ persons is right the demand of high skill talent; Project of double card of executive blue collar, use take an examination of high oneself groom with skill the way that curricular each other knows, make skilled worker is in obtain letter of record of formal schooling while obtain professional qualification letter, executive limits enlarges contemporary service line of business by industry, enlarge civilian battalion enterprise by state-owned company; Technical ability of executive peasant industry grooms project, make full use of the society grooms resource, be aimed at characteristic of peasant worker worker, adjust groom assessment standard, popularize certificate of special profession ability, of skill of profession of stimulative peasant worker worker rise; Carry out again obtain employment grooms project, to unemployed personnel the course grooms freely, the service such as obtain employment guidance still not of obtain employment, increase to groom freely; Implement project of graduate double card, expand system of certificate of record of formal schooling and system of professional qualification certificate average college by professional school, make college graduate is in gain corresponding and academic knowledge while, master certain professional skill, encourage college student to attend skill of intermediate above profession to groom in graduation school year at the same time, obtain letter of national profession qualification, the professional skill with give certain grooms, appraisal expends allowance. (million of Yang Xiaohui Feng Jun Zhangtong)

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