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Certificate of countrywide advisory engineer will reach city of Hubei province Y
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Each concern unit, each examinee:

Countrywide advisory engineer, investment built project management division 2008 on August 4, 20 days begin to handle certificate.

One, the material that handles card to need to refer has:

1, him examinee Id, , original of certificate of record of formal schooling, standard textual criticism;

2, report (the net carries up and down) ;

3, openly without hat is the same as background picture a inch 2 pieces, 2 inches a piece;

4, use a pen or sign the pen fills in " registration form of personnel of qualificatory exam qualification " one type 2 (net of exam of Hubei human affairs carries A4 width of cloth up and down, can copy) or to center of human affairs exam 203 offices are gotten;

2, timeline handling card:

Came on August 4, 2008 on August 20, 2008 (holiday except)

In the morning: 8: 30 - 11: 30 afternoon: 14: 30 - 17: 00

Come on Monday every week on Wednesday

3, address handling card:

Center of exam of Yichang town occurrences in human life (edge river highway 43)

2 OO8 year in July

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