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City of guest of Sichuan province appropriate registered advisory engineer 2008
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Each concern an unit:

Head group office according to saving a title to reform the job plain duty changes do 2008 〕 of 〔 32 files announcement, the our city attends 2008 year whole nation to register advisory engineer (investment) hold in staff of job seniority examination, have qualification of 2 people achievement, success of the others personnel is unqualified. Now list of achievement qualification personnel (see accessory) give announce, inform as follows with respect to concerned item:

One, after receiving this announcement, choose download to hit list of staff of printed books unit to be used at registering to build the sequel management such as archives to work by oneself please.

2, inform this unit of in time exam achievement qualification to staff writes please " professional technology personnel hold registration form of job seniority certificate " (can login " 3 river talents of Chinese net " " the title is judged hire commonly used form to download " the column downloads) , and without hat of front of 2 inches of near futures is the same as him along with negative chromophotograph reachs certificate cost of production 2 pieces 7 yuan, at center of exam of town occurrences in human life making before August 25, 2008 (address: Business street of appropriate guest city 53. Office building 2 buildings; Connect a telephone call: 8247722, 8247733) , use at handling qualificatory certificate.

2008 year whole nation registers advisory engineer (investment) hold list of personnel of qualification of achievement of city of guest of appropriate of job seniority exam

Record date Full name Id Working unit
3107510588 Li Xianjun 510502710329041 Development of Jiang An county and reform bureau
3108510234 Li Zongchang 51250119681101243X Bureau of machine of soil of water of county of Sichuan a kind of jade

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