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2008 year register advisory engineer (investment) qualificatory exam acceptable
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Hall of human affairs of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government (bureau) , xinjiang production builds bureau of corps human affairs:

Register advisory engineer according to 2008 year (investment) analysis of statistic of qualificatory exam data, be in business to the country develops and reform committee, inform exam acceptable standard as follows about the problem now:

One, acceptable standard. Organization of project of project advisory generality, macroscopical economic policy and development program, project and management, project is decision-making the acceptable standard of 5 course all is analysis and evaluation, contemporary advisory method and solid Wu 78 minutes (examination paper full marks all is 130 minutes) .

2, ask each district to press afore-mentioned acceptable standard to have review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court to examination staff achievement, affirm without by accident hind, with me center of exam of department human affairs checks relevant data, ask by subordinate list item-by-item fills in, at I sending ministry major before June 30 technical personnel manages department to put on record, put on record data serves as extend the basis of qualificatory certificate.

3, according to relevant document spirit, announce exam acceptable standard in time to the society please, clutch do good qualification certificate to extend each job that reachs exam later stage.

Subordinate list: 2008 year register advisory engineer (investment) statistics of qualificatory exam circumstance

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