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2008 year of Tianjin city register advisory engineer (investment) qualificatory
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According to manpower resource and general office of social security department " register advisory engineer about 2008 year (investment) the announcement of concerned problem of qualificatory exam acceptable standard " (person company office is sent [2008]37 date) file spirit, will register advisory engineer 2008 now (investment) qualificatory exam acceptable standard and announcement of the matters concerned that get card are as follows:

One, acceptable standard:

Professional title Subject name Examination paper full marks Acceptable standard
Register advisory engineer (investment) The project seeks advice from generality 130 78
Macroscopical economic policy and development plan 130 78
Project project organization and management 130 78
The project is decision-making analysis and evaluation 130 78
Contemporary advisory method and solid Wu 130 78

2, the note that get card:

1, the examinee that the 2008 year blame of achievement qualification signs up first (namely old examinee) , please on July 13, 2008 - 14 days of talents reaching city examine a center (peaceful area Tang Shan 52) service hall refers first floor to report an identical negative with the net a inch of half photograph a piece, photograph the reverse side is written with ball-pen on full name of name of exam a particular year, exam, examinee, serial number signing up, make clear " partial course is eligible " or " all already qualification " . The examinee that signed up first 2008, already had made a picture at examine and verify, do not need to be referred again.

2, the examinee that did not refer a photograph by formulary time, can hand in at filling 20 days every months to test center, hand in the 3rd Zhou San after to come round to receive letter at filling.

3, the partial course qualification, candidate for an entrance examination that already passed a photograph at be being handed in before July 14 is asked on July 18, 2008, 19 days of talents reaching city examine a center (peaceful area Tang Shan 52) hall of first floor service gets only branch certificate of conformity.

4, whole subject is eligible (contain accumulative total qualification) personnel, because human affairs ministry has not send certificate of conformity each to visit town, still cannot get card date certainly at present, inform separately on net of the time that get card (net of exam of Tianjin human affairs, network address Www.tjkpzx.com) .
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