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Exam of qualification of the member that declared at customs 2008 reviews examin
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1. The main content that carriage tool declares at customs is () .

A. Refer only evidence B. Condition of pass in and out declares C. Fill make customs declaration D. Not be

2. The basic principle that superintends to article of condition of pass in and out is () .

A. Legal principle B. Do not restrict principle C. D of sufficient and reasonable principle. For private use is sound quantitative principle

3, to post article, for private use is sound the amount is to point to () .

A. Ask for to what article of post of condition of pass in and out sets duty-free be restricted to be worth B. And rather than of for private use, gift offers him fare of condition of pass in and out

C. End of trip of fare of condition of pass in and out and the normal amount D that resident time place sets. Above is

4, battalion holds concurrently to declare at customs while representative of management international freightage, international carries tool representative business the enterprise of business, call () .

A. Major declares at customs enterprise B. Provide for oneself declare at customs enterprise C. The representative declares at customs enterprise D. Have the company that imports right of administration

5, smuggling behavior is to disobey () behavior.

A. " criminal law " B. " custom law " reach relevant code

C. " custom administration punishment carries out detailed rules " reach relevant code D. " custom duty byelaw " reach relevant code

6, the core of custom duty system is () .

A. B of custom duty legislation. C of custom duty byelaw. D of tax regulations of imports and exports. Custom law

7, 1986, custom put forward () working guiding principle.

A. Promote open B. Promote give priority to C. The service opens D. The service is given priority to

8, following () the characteristic that does not attribute custom influence.

A. Specific sex B. Independent character C. Compound sex D. Mandatory

9, detain smuggling blame suspect, time does not exceed commonly () hour, special situation can be lengthened to () hour.

A. 24, 48 B. 15, 24 C. 8, 15 D. 16, 48

10, custom contrabands a case to what hunt down, detain party to move send () detect does.

A. B of customs total office. Procuratorate C. D of public security mechanism. Suppress smuggling police

11, active " custom law " be classics () the National People's Congress revises.

A. The 7th B. The 8th C. The 9th D. The 10th

12, () it is the foundation of 4 main tasks is in custom.

A. Superintendency B. Levy C. Suppress smuggling D. Custom statistic

13, management unit holds director custom to sign and issue " offer bank earnest money stage Zhang connection is odd " , to the director custom appoints () stage Zhang creates conduction earnest money formalities. A. People bank B. C of Bank of China. Build bank D. Industrial and commercial bank
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